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i'm minor i'm my own designer androgynous lone i fuck conformity i fuck majority androgynous melancholy i need you you're my therapy my endorphin serotonin androgynous melancholy i'm stranger i'm my own arranger of chords and tone i fuck conformity i fuck majority my appointments are disappointments my orders are disorders i'm minor a minor, a for ambiguous ambivalent and for androgynous melancholy i need you you're my therapy i fuck majority with you my minority androgynous melancholy i need you you're my therapy my endorphin serotonin androgynous melancholy
NOA 03:46
i'm noa purple-bordeaux i live inside the rainbow i am more than black and white binary i am outside i'm gender creative female, non native a gender bender pioneer non-conforming and genderqueer i'm proud to transcend the binary i wanna break the boundary between male and female and make the cliché tale pale i am both and in-between a freaky geeky tomboy queen androgynous and genderfluid a transformation bitch witch druid i would always choose to be transgender instead of staying born alexandra or alexander i fuck biology i´m into autonomy i'm noa i'm a unicorn unique glitter stubborn born you think i don't deserve to be? your labels are a joke to me i'm feminine without discipline nail polish is my nicotine i'm female no matter how i dress if i'm into metal or into jazz i'm female no matter how my name is and what my aim is no matter how to spell it a neutral name makes me no less valid i just wanna live in self determination without discrimination, but it's just an imagination i have to live in heteronomy and in heteronormativity i'm not a lie, i'm not a joke i laugh and cry, i love to provoke i confuse and refuse the biological so called truth i'm noa i'm non binary am i on hormones? am i on surgery? i don't need a surgery to validate my identitiy
NAOMI 04:45
hi noa i know ya i'm naomi you know me i'm the lovely hedonist queer and in love with a woman you're the moving activist enforcing women's rights you want to provoke and fight i try to fit in and be quiet noa naomi that's me noa avoids all forms of oppression sexism, misogyny and other aggression racism, ableism speciesism naomi acts out of egoism noa more asexual genderless naomi completes their femaleness both complete each other like a daughter and her mother noa naomi that's me i don't have a split personality but i'm sick of society with depression and anxiety there's too much brutality i am not confused insane no i just got lost in pain of this world so cruel so sad that's challenging that drives me mad only love can save me kisses please be my key to feel free. there is a me there is a you. is there a we?
NOVA 03:09
darkness you want me to stay okay, okay but i'm lost in memories i'm forced to remind i'm lost in centuries leave them all behind darkness you want me to stay go away, go away now new nova is near nova no fear no tear darkness i want to escape from crape from gloom into bloom to break the shadow with islands of meadow now new nova is near nova no fear no tear but i'm lost in lightness i'm lost in brightness i prefer the night anthracite twilight darkness i miss you so much i want to stay in touch i love your islands full of silence
i remember you amber sister you did sex work to survive you were only 20 as a man came and shot at you amber you were killed your dreams remain unfulfilled amber you wanted to survive trans sisters of color your average life expectancy is just 35 please take my flowers every 29 hours a sister is killed and white cis men have the guilt Black trans lives matter and one day we'll shatter our enemy white cis hetero supremacy sisters of color i'm so ashamed still after death you got deadnamed sisters of color my heart burns in flames my hatred won't get smaller i'm crying your names amber, amancay aniyah, alisha alejandra, ashley ashton, brandy brittany, carla cağla, cernia crain, coko deja, dee dee deoni, deshawnda dominique, dwayne elisha, eyricka fernanda, gypsie gizzy, islan india, january jasmine, jennifer kendall, kelly kandy, kandis kedarie-kandicee, kyra keyonna, keeta keyshia, kiesha kourtney, kristina lamia, lorena london, marcela marcal, mahadevi maya, mayang mary, mia mercedes, melony monica, nireah nizah, papi paige, penny quartney, rita reese, rosa rosita, sevda shante, shade stacey, taja tamara, tiffany ty, tyrell vanessa, victoria veronica, yazmin zoraida, zella trans femmes noir desespoir trans femmes noir espoir
NOIR 04:45




released November 25, 2016

all songs ©℗ 2016 naomi noa donath

lyrics/vocals/piano/drums/guitar by naomi noa donath

recorded, produced and mixed by philip krause at emil berliner studios, berlin in june/july/august 2016
co-arranged by philip krause
keyboards and synths played by philip krause
mastered by klaus scheuermann at 4ohm music, berlin

vocal coaching by nathalie claude, klanggewinn, berlin
designed by daniel triebke, 3bke design, berlin
photography by christine fiedler, berlin
make-up art by patricia piatke, berlin
videos by mo kanaan, berlin


all rights reserved



NOA NAOMI Berlin, Germany

NOA NAOMI are naomi noa donath, a berlin based music producer, pianist and drummer.

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